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Praise You Live In Lego

video by adamclacher adamclacher's notes: This video is a live performance of a Fatboy Slim concert with Spike Jones and the Torrance Community Dance Group….. BUT IN LEGO! This video was made as a part […]


Fatboy Slim Coaching In Mali

Norman was in Mali last week as part of the Coaching For Hope project. Coaching For Hope targets two groups of people in the developing world – youth workers and vulnerable children. The youth workers receive quality football coaching from top UK coaches as well as training in art education and HIV/Aids prevention and tuition. The disadvantaged children take part in football training workshops that promote confidence, team work and self esteem as well as art education sessions that provide an opportunity for self expression and potentially life saving HIV/Aids awareness workshops. Norman says “The thing about the project is that we’re not just coaching the kids but we’re going in and coaching the coaches, it’s that ‘give a man a fishing rod, not a fish’ thing. Football isn’t just about the game, it’s about togetherness. Combining football with helping people, it’s perfect. It’s been done by music so many times. But rather than just do a charity record I’m doing something that involves football, my second love.”

source: FBS MySpace Blog