Fatboy Slim – It’s Ness to be back

By Margaret Chrystall
Published: 24 April, 2008

A QUIET afternoon in Dores, and there’s something in the air.

It’s a helicopter with Fatboy Slim enjoying the chance to get an aerial view of the Rock Ness site for the first time.

An hour before, there was just the quiet murmur of a handful of punters in the Dores Inn public bar.

But a press call has brought a gaggle of edgy journalists into the warmth for the chance to speak to the DJ/ producer as he returned for the first time in two years to the place he calls “my second home”, partly to test out some lasers he’s hoping to use as part of his set in June.

At last year’s Rock Ness, the rumour that wouldn’t go away was that Fatboy Slim would appear to do a surprise set.



Packed venue loves Fatboy

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