Blog in holidays..??

As you can see, i post less and don’t animate the forum. No i’m not in holidays and no i haven’t decided to stop activities. I simply pay the bild of my hyperactivity on my real life of this last 4 months. It’s crazy how life can be changed.. i lost a job in end of march, wanted to made a little web agency, made this litlle website in april and finally started a new job there in may. This new job obliged me to made lot of road with my poor car :more 100 kilometers each days .It’s killed my health, my car and :) so finally i decided to move house. Since 10 days, i live halfway between 2 houses. That’s why i had no really time to search after news and take care of this little website. I don’t know how i will continue to update I hope i will have more free time in september. I have project to update into V4.0, you know the famous V4.0 version that i talked you since 12 months.. . I think that this version will never born before december for the fourth anniversary of, we’ll see.

For now, i’m still there to moderate comments…and put news… humm well there is no need to moderate (you are too well educated :) ) and there is no news..



  1. With your crazy life on the moment between two houses and 100km driving a day, I can image you forget such things ;-)

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