EDC Japan 2017 Mix

Gearing up for EDC Japan in May, we tapped UK dance music stalwart Fatboy Slim to put together an exclusive mix for you and all your friends. He took us up on the offer and had a few words to say about coming back to a city he’s been away from for a while:

“I’ve played Japan a huge amount in the past. A full schedule has kept me away for a few years, but there was a time for a while when I was there annually. I’ve always had a great affinity with Japanese audiences. I was actually very surprised just how many similarities there were. Even though there’s a big language barrier, everything else just matches… It just feels like you’re playing to your friends. We all get the same jokes, and we all have the same motivations. I’ve always been very popular in Japan, and I’m looking forward to going back there.”

source: insomniac.com


  1. HI peeps – here is a rough track listing. It’s a really great mix and mega thank you to Norm for playing a snippet of my track “Rhythm Section” :D

    1. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Freedom
    2. Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz
    3. Kryder & Daddy’s Groove – Street Life
    4. ???? (It’s a remix of a very well known song)
    5. Cheeky Boy – Once In A Plastic Time
    6. Kryder & The Cube Guys – You and Me
    7. Mathias Kaden – No Kick (+ Roland Clark acapella, forgot the name of the track)
    8. Umek – Mechanical Blade
    9. Rory Hoy – Rhythm Section (Thanks Norm!)
    10. Hook & Sling – Break Yourself (Acapella)
    11. Cheeky Boy – Cope
    12. Tom Tyger – Dimini
    13. Reboot – Polio Al Sialiao (Anna Remix)
    14. The Cube Guys – Psycho Killer
    15. Latriot – Origami
    16. Prince – 1999 (Acapella)
    17. Diego SP – The Funky Countdown
    18. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Unknown Remix)
    19. Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Live Version) (Unknown Remix)
    20. Ultra Nate & Roland Clark – The First Time Free (Claptone Remix)

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