Fatboy Slim – Live @ BBC Radio 1, Breezeblock, UK (20 Oct 1997)

Release Date: 20 October 1997
Source: BBC Radio 1, UK
Size: 63,8 Mo
Duration: 00H 28m 46s
Quality: 320 Kbps VBR
Format: mp3
Recorded onto TDK D90 Cassette by Christy
Released & Digitised in April 2008 by Nifty for themixingbowl.org

01 Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – Bad Ass (Urban Takeover)
02 Oasis – Wonderwall (Creation)
03 Glamorous Hooligan – In Absentia (Overseer’s Eat My Lemmy Repossession Mix) (Arthrob)
04 Wildchild – Renegade Master (Hi Life)
05 Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha (Wiiija)
06 Laguna – Spiller From Rio (Ethos Mama)
07 Mr. Natural – That Green Jesus (Critical Mass)
08 Fatboy Slim – Everybody Loves A Carnival (White Label)
09 The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (XL-Recordings)
10 Aldo Bender – Bonus Beats (React)


  1. I agree with Rory.
    This is OUR Fatboy Slim.

    What a fuckin’ great set with great music… 11 years ago… And better than anything now.

    Thank you for the share, Francis, again! :P

  2. The best bit was how he played Drum and Bass, mashed-up Oasis, and then during track 3 slowed it down to house speed. Flawless live DJ-Ing :-) !

  3. Witout a doubt,a top top set.Fucking loved it.
    And the Gallagher brothers thrown into the mix,well it doesnt get much better than that
    QUALITY :-)

  4. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately this isn’t an official set, I think someone has made this and passed it off as a Fatboy set. The Breezeblock set he did doesn’t have the same track listing…I know, I recorded it myself! Hehe…nice tune selection though.

    I hope everyone is well


  5. This is most certainly FBS on Breezeblock. I still have me tape of it, and he played my mate’s tune (Overseer remix).

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