Fatboy Slim – Live In The Mix, Dave Pearce’s Radio 1 show, BBC Radio 1, UK (XX 12 1999)

The year is updated with help of Rory and the month and show with help of Phil (the releaser of this record! :praise: )


  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing mix from back in the day. I’ve identified some of the tune’s he’s playing:

    01. Mr Scruff – Blackpool Roll
    02. Redhead Kingpin – Do The Right Thing (Acapella)
    03. Lord Finesse – Vinyl Dogs
    04. ???
    05. Bud brothers – Do You Wanna
    06. ???
    07. ??? (Samples De La Soul – Eye Know)
    08. Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Unknown Big Beat Remix)
    09. ??? (Samples Chic – Good Times/Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight) (Freddy Fresh used to play this one too)

    This is a really amazing mix (and nice to hear Norm playing mid tempo Hip-Hop stuff) – I’ve dated the mix to 1999 as it mentions the Millennium Mix from Cardiff at the end of the show.

  2. This is from late November 1999 on Dave Pearce’s Radio 1 show. I remember because this is my recording of it. :)
    I’ve long since lost the MP3 (and tape) of it, but was trying to find it again as this is one of Fatboy’s best mixes I think. All of the tracks were quite elusive. I tried using the Wayback Machine to check the Radio 1 website from 1999 to get more details, but there doesn’t seem to be any pages from that time archived.
    I can ID one more of them for you though, the last track is a white label bootleg of “Woman In Blue” by Pepe Deluxe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FKpsmPpF8Y

    Also, I think track 5 is actually a Freestylers bootleg of C&C Music Factory?

    Apologies for the terrible sound quality, the equipment I had at the time was not the best, and web hosting space was very limited indeed.

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