Fatboy Slim – Live @ New Year’s Eve, London Radio Kiss FM – Bouncy Hour, UK

December 31th 1997

Tracklist by Francisnotdead:
01 Son Of Cheeky Boy – One Kiss
02 Sir Drew – Let’s Get Some Girls
03 2 Fat Buddhas VS Fathead – Wheel ‘Em In
04 KC & Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight
05 Son of a Cheeky Boy – Comma
06 Krafty Kuts – Gimme The Funk (Super Mix)
07 Space Raiders – Glam Beat
08 DJ Punk Roc – My Beatbox
09 Electro Chocolate – Every 1’s a Winner
10 Freak Power – No Way
11 ? – ?
12 Roland Clark – I Get Deep
13 Pills – Rock Me
14 Chicane – Sunstroke, Tom Novy – Superstar
15 The Feelgood Factor – The Whole Church Should Get Drunk


  1. Hiya,
    Saw that you have Fatboy slim Bouncy Hour mix in your archives.It is my absolute favourite of all time.Is there any way you could burn a copy for me or advise a link where I could download it or buy ,I would be eternally grateful
    Hope you can help me out

  2. Some track notes from my record collection:

    * The first track is “One Coffee Kiss.”
    * “Get Down Tonight” is merely a sample in “Wheel ’em In.”
    * The Krafty Kuts track is the Original Mix of “Gimme the Funk.”
    * The Space Raiders track is called “Glam Raid,” though I’m not sure exactly what mix, as the intro has a bit more layered at the very beginning than the album version.
    * “Electro Chocolate” is the track name, and it’s on the same 2 Fat Buddhas vs Fat-Head EP as “Wheel ’em In.”
    * “Superstar” is by Novy vs Eniac and it’s “Club Mix 1”.

  3. Another note:

    * “Sunstroke” by Chicane doesn’t seem to actually appear in this mix. It goes straight from “Rock Me” into “Superstar.”

  4. Has anyone actually identified the quick Chinese (or maybe Reggae)-sounding song @ 53:12? I’ve wondered about that one for 23 years :D I can hear a few phrases in it that sound English, but I can’t track it down (and of course, song ID apps don’t work on it)…

    • :00 – “And a mercy, aye… and a mercy”
      :14 – “…and everybody dance and you’re a…”
      :17 – “…so we bust off the chart, and we bust on the place and…”
      :24 – “…well, mister, let me tell no”
      :34 – “Hood – rat – be – enemy”
      :48 – “…this jungle is mine, and it would start to get dark, lord”
      :54 – “…start to get darker”
      1:02 – “…on the marker”
      1:09 – “…fight to start-a”
      1:12 – “…chop off your body, let the body slide”
      1:21 – same as :48

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