Fatboy Slim Rows With Imelda Marcos Over Musical

DJ FATBOY SLIM is embroiled in a bizarre row with former Philippines First Lady IMELDA MARCOS over his plans to write a musical based on her life. Last year (05), the ROCKAFELLA SKANK hitmaker unveiled his plans for the project, a collaboration with former TALKING HEADS frontman DAVID BYRNE. Slim – real name NORMAN COOK – claimed HERE LIES LOVE, taken from the epitaph Marcos has written for herself, will be a “satirical, witty and thought-provoking exploration into the mind of an international jet-setter, alleged victim and grieving widow (of former Philippines leader FERDINAND MARCOS).” But Marcos – famous for her extravagant lifestyle and vast shoe collection – is furious. She says, “This British musician, this Fatboy Slim. I would prefer him not to make a musical of my life – but there is nothing I can do. I would rather do it myself. Show the people the real me, the real Imelda.” And she strongly disputes allegations about her footwear collection, reputed to have numbered 3,000 pairs when her husband was overthrown in 1996. She adds, “I have no fetish for shoes. In fact, when I was in the palace most of my shoes were given to me by Filipino shoe-makers. I supported the entire industry. They said it was 3,000 but it was more like 200.”

04/04/2006 14:04

source: Contactmusic.com

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