As usual when i take holidays, its for creating… The last year, it was for made a new design for fatboyslim.org, but for 2007, between two cup of champagne, i decided to start a project which is in my mind for a long time. I thought to launch officially it the first january but i think its no need to wait more. So: i installed a wiki for fatboyslim.org. The final objective is to create a FBS encyclopedia (A sort of FBS Wikipedia). I know its again a crazy project but i needed of that..when i see that the FBS world is so quite. In fact, I just increase a little the level of my notebook.. i just want to made an encyclopedia LOL . Every FBS Fan can participate, i just protected the page and only registred members can edit pages. Write / Edit an article is simple, you just have to read model.. For the moment, all is experimental. Its always like that with me ;) .

Cheers ,

And this f*** Big Beach Boutique III which is not broadcasted !!! ;-( .


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