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    yeah, we kind of enjoyed putting that one together….

    Simon, I was standing not too far from you under the arches for most of the gig. Didn’t want to bother you, and come across as a complete random, lol.


    Oh, you should of said Hello, I was quite drunk quite early (I can’t do daytime drinking!) as you might of guessed by the dancing you no doubt saw that I was doing with my missus, haha, so I would have probably been very friendly!!!

    Yeah I know I should have, and regret not doing so now. I was on the typsy side myself, and dancing away (not a pretty sight at my age). I had my nephew with me, and everytime you passed us. I kept saying oh look there’s Simon, lol.

    I obviously told him who you, are what you do etc:. I’m sure he thought I know too much info about this man, and I haven’t even met him, lol. I will deffinately say hello next time.

    Infact, I think you appear in a couple of random crowd pic’s I have. We should have a wee spot Simon competition,lol