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    Ok guys

    Ive listened to the Las Vegas Marqee Dayclub mix and to be honest i think its a pile of crap (sorry) :blush:
    the reason is if you said to me five or ten ago years fatboy slim would play deep latin style house with some charty electro tunes i would of said “no way, not a chance” but i guess im wrong

    I feel that we have lost fatboy slim in this new digital age his music does not suit his style. he was the big beat heavy houser dj that give us a big PARTY nights & tunes but these days his gigs just seem boring same tune after same tune after set after set
    im sorry board but thats is the way i feel. after 16 years of being fatboy slim fan collecting a load of stuff through the years from live sets to merchandise i feel im losing the love for fatboy slim

    sorry guys

    keep up the good work fran and the rest of the board