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    Rory, nice list!

    My particular faves (not particularily by genre) are:

    Northern Soul
    Garage Rock / Pysch – 60’s & 70’s – Nuggets and Pebbles compilations are a good place to start with this.
    Motown Soul
    Proper 60’s & 70’s Funk
    Breaks & Beats (esp cos they usually incorporate some of the former genres)
    Big Beat (obviously)
    Early Rolling Stones
    Also check out Andrew Oldham Orchestra ‘The Rolling Stones Songbook’ as it is utter class!
    Al Green – genius voice.
    Nice daisy age style Hip Hop (not the modern rubbish)
    De La Soul etc etc
    Justin Warfields ‘My Field Trip To Planet Nine’ is an utter classic
    Good soild electronic music, Fatboys, Chemicals, Crystal Methods and so on
    (no cheesey hand-bag in my house… :lol: )
    Bombay The Hard Way projects by DJ Shadow and Dan The Automator
    Some of that Italian Disco House stuff DJ Hell played in his Hellboyz mix.
    The Fabric Live mix by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem).
    Tiga’s K!7 mix – super smooth.
    James Lavelle’s GU #023 Barcelona dj set (S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G)
    Wax Tailor / moby / Mexican Institute Of Sound / Kidda – all cut n paste geniuses in my opinion (Moby – Play).

    oh and the list could go on…. my feeling is if it makes you tap your feet and feel, then it must be good…

    cool topic Rory :good: