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    Well personnaly i think that BPA could be a new alias of Norman… to underline the difference between FBS the dj and BPA the producer… maybe to don’t remake the “flop” of the palookaville album.. he told us that his next album will be different and a surprise so i think it will be THE event.
    FBS alias will still DJ / remixes…

    Anyway, i’m always in ..false (i predicted the end of fbs in 2006 with the greatest hist album… :tomato: :lol: ) so i prefer wait and see.. he he

    The 2 extracts of the BPA myspace are simply..fantastic … I like them and it’s the essential for me..

    I’m glad you put “flop” in quotes. We don’t consider Palookaville to be a flop. We stand by it. The fact people wanted it to be YCALWB II isn’t our fault. We didn’t want to make it like the old stuff, so we didn’t.

    Will FBS still do remixes? Probably yeah. You can be sure the DJing will continue, yes. Whether there will be a new FBS record at some point – the honest answer is: we don’t know. It’s not some big scary issue, there’s not some conspiracy going on, we just haven’t really thought about it. At all…