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    borsuczy: you know, it’s a rock festival, so i need to play something hard, something kick-ass.
    the audience was great and get my ideas well, so i think this little breaks/dnb set was great for this fest.
    but! in the next week i going to play all week to another festival and i play house.
    and funk.
    and breaks, dnb as well.
    but i want to play house. some really, really oldschool shit for made a fantastic gig. :D

    francis: thanks :)

    rock festival?i didin’t know.anyway as erick morillo said good dj should produce his own style and keep it even if it’s not particulary in fashion right now, so keep it your way. don’t forget to record you’re house gig and share it with us. :)

    btw. talking about old school house :