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    Here’s mine. It’s at 11 minutes though, not 5. Hope you all enjoy!

    Mighty Dub Katz – Keep on Truckin’ [Micky Slim Remix]
    Nick Supply feat. NFA – She Rock N’ Roll
    Santiago & Bushido – For What
    Foamo – Movin’ It Over Here [Stupid Fresh Mix]
    Mr. Oizo – Gay Dentists
    JR. From Dallas & Randy Brusseto – Jazz Ghetto City [Lee Mortimer Mix]
    Gutterpunk – Up 2 11 [The Yank Remix]
    Herve – Cheap Thrills

    Lovin’ the choice of tunage here man!

    Didn’t know any of these songs except dub katz and herve and im now off on the hunt to get every last one ha ha. V cool stuff