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    Darko stated: ‘I think norman should stop trying to sound like Herve, Sinden, Switch, Loveys et al and do what he does best…’

    I couldnt agree more. Im a firm believer in ‘can’t mix won’t mix’ myself, dont really care about beat matching, timings and all that guff, just have a great ear for tunes, atmosphere and a party. Stick the tune in sideways for all i care :-D just like the early big beat sets norm did (yes im harping on about the PAST AGAIN.. but i dont want Norm to be a technical god… just the cheeky genius he already is!!)

    my favourite early dj sets by the likes of Fatboy and The Chemical Brothers alwyas sounded like the best party you’ve ever been to (Norm) or the sounds of space-ships taking off and pianos being dropped down the stairs (Chems)… :-D oi oiiiiiiiiiiiii :-D