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    Hey, closing ceremony was great ! Had no time to watch it until now, it’s 3+ hours video.
    Russell Brand acting Willy Wonka drive the bus, then after his perfomance the bus transforms into giant squid, and on top of it mr. Cook show himself up and play Right Here Right now with his decks. That was quite psychedelic and that’s how the live sets really should start ! :good:
    Then music stops and skips to Rockafeller Skank. It looked like everyone on the stadium was dancing, so crazy. Fatboy maked big eyes and scary faces, that was funny :D
    Next, Jessie J starts to sing and FBS act like he’s the DJ playing her music.

    You really must see it guys !
    Pretty sure you can find the video over the web.

    My video is ripped from russian tv, so it somes with narrator’s voice, not sure you gonna watch if I post it here.