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    >Tomas Anderson…Washing Up (Tim Deluxe Mix)
    >FBS just added the vox from “He’s Frank” acapella on top of this for his recent shows…

    Totally agree with you, but ‘The BPA – He’s Frank (Washing Up)’ was officially published as complete track at ‘Fatboy Slim – Dance Bitch’ compilation and ‘The BPA – He’s Frank (Slight Return)’ single, so I’m sure the track that played by FBS at his gigs should be known as ‘The BPA – He’s Frank (Washing Up)’
    http://www.audiojelly.com/?a=albums/9613 (not an AD, you know =))

    >also Del Piero “Let Me Clear My Throat” is correct:

    The sample from Del Piero “Let Me Clear My Throat”

    Da Urban Outlaws – Let Me Clear My Throat

    These tracks both use DJ Kool’s ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ acapella, but I’ve never heard that FBS played Del Piero’s track, correct me if I wrong.