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    @ Sully,

    Hey, as far as the MP3 you’ve shared is concerned I can only make out the following:

    Track 1: Unknown (but it’s on my wishlist as well, Freddy fresh tells me it’s a track that Norman made himself, I don’t know though, I reckon it’s more the work of FC Kahuna or someone like that, back in the day they did a lot of white labels.

    Track 2: Definition of Sound – Outsider (Lunatic Calm Remix)

    Track 3: Unknown Record (David Bowie ‘Rebel Rebel’ Sample)

    Track 4: Chef – Being Chef (Touche Remix)

    Track 5: Unknown Record (Rolling Stones Sample)

    Track 6: Unknown Record (I know the house tune in the background though…hmmm)

    I also have the following record for sale on Discogs:

    Tanimoody – Qua Qua Qua – http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=Darko3.16&st=&q=tanimoody

    I have DJ Quality MP3’s of:

    Dynamic Guv’nors…Acid Jackson
    Finger Print…Bring The Beat Back
    Loop Da Loop…Round & Round
    Old School Flavas Vol III…Booty Beats
    Monsterz…Shameless Formula
    Preacher Gus VS The Roundheadz…On a 45
    Tanimoody…Que Que Que
    West Street Mob…Breakdance Electric Boogie (Junior Cartier Remix) (Which is what I think you mean)

    I’ll swap them for any of the following:

    Digital Blonde (Aka Charlie Fan club) – ‘Dirty Blonde’
    ‘Cold Steel’ – ‘Real Rap Superstar’
    ‘Princess Diana – Der Funk’
    DJ Disciple Vs Duran Duran – ‘Please Please Tell Me’ (Big Beat Remix)
    Kissy Sellout – ‘Harriet’
    Sem Jones – The Remixes Volume 1 (Mixtape)
    Aquasky – It will knock you out (Southern Fried EP)

    DJ quality MP3’s only please, no radio rips, Mix CD rips etc…

    I’m not sure Fatboy remixed Double Dutch though… FND is the one to ask about that.