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    Sort of BPA related. The one, and only Cagedbaby did a great 20 minute mix, on the ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’ show, with Dave Spoon. This was on, in the small hours of this morning. Since the Caged one is part of the BPA family, I thought I’d post it here.

    As you can see by the tracklist, it’s full of Cagedbaby goodness. The show it’self actually kicks off with, Fatboy Slim ‘Rockafella Skank’ [Riva Starr mix]


    Or, here is a direct download link for the mix. Courtesy of CB :grin:


    Cagedbaby Interview & Mix. 39.19 minutes in
    Cagedbaby Intro
    Felix The Housecat ‘Jack U’ [Angello & Ingrosso Mix] (Gigolo Records)
    Cagedbaby ‘Saw You Waiting (White Label)
    George Duke And Billy Cobham ‘Live On Tour 1976’ (Island Recs)
    Style Of Eye ‘Girls’ (Piccalo Recs)
    Ghetto Blaster
    Lee Mortimer ‘Moaning And Groaning’ (Dubsided)
    Armand Van Helden ‘Ski Hard’ [Cagedbaby Les Trois Vallees Mix] (Southern Fried)
    La Horse ‘Cyanide And Happiness’(CD-R)
    Mr Oizo ‘Positiv’ (Ed Banger)
    ZZT ‘The Worm’ [Erol Alkan Mix / Chateaux Workit Edit] (White Label)
    Poni Hoax ‘Hypercommunication’ [Alter Ego Remix] (Tigersushi)
    Johnson, Duca, Haske ‘Canadian Visa’ [Johnson And Haske Mix] (Tribal Vision)
    Duran Duran ‘White Lines’ [Vox Rework] (White Label)
    Chateaux ‘One Night At Chartres’ (Baby Records)
    Luca And Paul Dinamicro ‘Karotte’ [Gregor Thresher Mix]
    Derrick Carter ‘Where You At’ [Sam Watts Edit] (White Label)
    Cagedbaby ‘Forced’ [Teaser Mix] (Southern Fried Records)
    Button Moon ‘Special Cagedbaby Edit For Spoon’ (Bouton Recs)

    Various CB links