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    What FBS songs, do you think are underrated or underappreciated?

    I personally, think songs like “Don’t Forget Your Teeth”, “Badder Badder Schwing” (With Freddy Fresh), “Michael Jackson”, “Where You’re At”, and “How Could They Hear Us?” are all in this catergory IMO.

    What do you think of them?

    Funny you should mention all those ones, cos they’re basically the B side stuff (apart from Badder – which I havent listened to for years and can’t remember if it’s any good or not) and it’s a funny thing, but you’re in a slightly different mood when doing B side stuff. In a way you don’t worry so much about things – in a good way – and we’ve always had a good bit of fun with them. I would agree with you that many of the ones you’ve listed, along with “Next To Nothing” (of which I’m still very proud of) have a certain quality about them….