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    In Alphabetical Order:

    Ali Shaheed Muhammad (from A Tribe Called Quest)
    The Avalanches
    The Chemical Brothers
    Daft Punk
    DJ Andy Smith
    DJ Cam
    DJ Format
    DJ Muggs (from Cypress Hill)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff
    DJ Shadow (up untill 2006)
    DJ Spinna
    DJ Yoda (Hillarious!)
    Freddy Fresh (Absolute legend!)
    Grandmaster Flash
    Liam Howlett (The Prodigy)
    Jam Master Jay (RIP) (from Run-D.M.C.)
    Jay Dee/J Dilla (RIP)
    Kerri Chandler
    Kruder & Dorfmeister
    Mark Farina
    Mr. Scruff
    Nightmares On Wax
    Plump DJ’s
    Terminator-X (from Public Enemy)
    The Wiseguys (DJ Touché and DJ Regal)

    There are others, but that is all I can think of