Dear FBS Fan,

After one sabbatical year, i’m so happy today to launch the new version of FBSO (even if it’s for the moment on beta form). It was hard to merge the best of we did this last years with and after (11 years!). Of course there are so many brokens links, old links.. but it’s our history, how i can deleted all those good days. The idea of making a compilation was born in the end of 2014 but i didn’t take really time to analyse how to renew all: .it’s done. We need now to convert / update videos (exit the flash format) , links, info and energy…

For old members of the FATBoard, you should connect you with your username board /password and if you can’t, try to recover it or contact me.

Maybe i will be lonely, maybe not, i don’t care, it was like that on the beginning.


Merry christmas.

-Fransisnotdead, 22 december 2015.


Note: -Many articles from old blog will reappear little by little with comments, we need to update/clean/update video and don’t need to keep posts empty or not very interesting ;)

-The FATwiki is down again, i tink it will be imported into fixed page to backup our work…

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