is 4 years old !


It’s with emotion that today we can celebrate the 4th birthday of this website.
I can’t say how many hours i lost to construct it.

2008: The FATboard & community development


If we have something to retain of 2008, it’s the creation of the board. I knew that 2008 will be different for me, about work, hobbies activities and i was ready to stop my animator function. The idea of a board came simply to stay connected with fbs news and friends. A website need to be animated and updated frequently to stay alive. This last months, i have to admit that I was near to don’t renew the hosting of the and let it go away in glory! But i definitely killed this idea when i saw the little community always active in board and blog. We have all one day moments of doubts ;) . So the hosting of is renewed for one year. Hope we could purpose again exclusive sets of Norm and construct THE website of our dreams :) .

New job = new rythm
Since september, the updates are less frequent: my new work in real life take me too much time. I’ve never planned to have those new responsabilities and always thought that i will have time to continue blogging…
As you can see, it’s now only the week end that i find some minutes to retox…
So it’s sad but i didn’t prepare any surprises or new design..or new site for this birthday.

Better audience: 30.000 visitors for the month of june.
Average audience: 15.000 visitors by month.
More 1000 streaming videos…
More 950 posts in the blog
Near 10 gigas of datas.
New server which can receive 5O gigas… in 2009 will need to include bpa materials…

I have always the project to update the old structure and include a search engine for discography. All is possible, only need time but i think little by little the site will be the best encyclopedia. I will probably merge the wiki and the new website. All is in standby but ready in my mind, i know how i can (and could) do that (thanks to my new job).

Thanks is the word i used the most during this 4 years because i think its important to respect people who share info, docs, music. If you are not there, the site have no need to exist. So thanks again to all people who folow me since the begining or who join us…woka, darko, obeseboyslim, bracken, errorup, zenit, surfacetoair, bigbeat, vambo, acidfunk, filter, Ahmedofchoice, Blake, Simon Th, SPF, jOSse, DCDJ, Sully, MrFrog, fatboytim, borsucsy, Crazylonghair, lordraphael, doxliy, paxus, dja, stab, MrNYC.. …the list is so large that i will probably forgot somes (sorry..).

Cheers from France,



  1. Happy Birthday! thanks for sharing everything

    here’s to another 4 years – of weekend only updates! They will be good weekends for sure.


  2. As I mentioned on the board Francois. Thank you, for all your hard work over the last four years. Your determination to keep things going is amazing, and much appreciated. Here’s to the next four years, and beyond. Happy Birthday NCI :)

  3. Wow, 4 years. Thanks Francois for giving us fans an excellent website, and also thanks for mentioning me! I’m always proud to contribute.

  4. well its been 4 years of hard work, its very hard these days to be a fatboy slim fan because he is very quite with not many sets broadcasted and a little info on his production & remixes but with such a good team keepin the dream alive and our LORD Francis we praise you thx a million

  5. Happy Brithday to your site Francis! Over the years you have managed to create the best norman cook resource ever. Skint and SouthernFried really need to support all your hard work!!!

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