The Things They Say

30th December 2006 Admin 0

I make music for the hips, not the head. I try to make people smile and dance, not think about things or educate them. So it’s quite dumb in that regard. FATBOY SLIM, real name NORMAN COOK, has no musical pretensions. source:


27th December 2006 Admin 2 As usual when i take holidays, its for creating… The last year, it was for made a new design for, but for 2007, between two cup of champagne, i decided to start a project which is in my mind for a long time. … Read More >>

2 years old

14th December 2006 Admin 10

Website in December 2005 Website in January 2006 2006: one year of development of a FAT encyclopedia Probably boosted by my experience at the brixton academy gig of the 16 december 2005, i decided to develop an international fan website as we never seen. During … Read More >>

Fatboy Slim Dates 2007

13th December 2006 Admin 5

01/01/2007 – Big Beach Boutique III, Brighton, UK 02/01/2007 – Rio Capibaribe Riverside, Recife, Brazil 02/02/2007 – E.Spirit @ Mega Space, Minas Gerais, Brazil 02/03/2007 – Planeta Atlantida, Rio Grande Do Sul, Atlantida, Brazil 02/07/2007 – Multiplace Mais, Espirito Santo, Guarapari, Brazil 02/09/2007 – Pacha … Read More >>