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Quentin “Norman” Cook was born on July 31, 1963 in Bromley in England. he passes its childhood in the small village of Redhill close to London. Then he settles in Brighton where he finishes its higher studies. Towards the beginning of the Eighties, he starts as DJ in Brigthon and its neighbourhoods under the name of OX.


In 1986, accepting the proposal of his former comrade of class, Paul Heaton, he drops mixes and joins the band the Housemartins, in Hull. He replaces Ted Key at bass. The band learns success with the track Caravan of Love. Three albums are produced: London 0 Hull 4 (1986), The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death (1987), and The best-of: Now That’ s What I Call Quite Good (1988). But in 1988, the band collapsed.


Norman decides to go back in Brighton to continue a solo career. He returns over to his first loves: the mixing. Then, he becomes one of the most known remixers of the English scene. His solo career begins with the first single Won’t Talk About It with in featuring Billy Bragg. Norman creates Beats International, a confederation musicians formed by Linda Layton, Lester Christmas, MC Wildski and Andy Boucher. Beats International explode the charts with the title Dub Be Good To Me in 1990. Dub Be Good To Me proposes a mixture of soul, jazz and worldbeat. It contains the bass sample of The Guns of Brixton of the Clash. The album Let Them Eat Bingo sort the same year and is a certain success: it enters the British Top20 as of its exit.
Beats International composed a second opus the following year but success is not in return. Norman decides to dissolve the formation. It will take him two years to be focused on a new project: Freak Power. He makes call Ashley Slater (Microgroove), very good musician, and especially excellent vocalist. Freak Power will be thus a duet…


The first album Drive Thru Booty appears in 1994. The title Turn one Tune in Cop out taken by Levi’s for its advertising sort the band of anonymity. While working on a second album for Freak Power, Norman requires of assistance from friends to produce and assemble another project: Pizzaman.


With the producers Tim Jeffery and JC Reid, Norman decides to form Pizzaman. The trio leaves three success: Trippin’ one Sunshine, Sex on the Streets, and Happiness. The same year leaves the only Pizzaman album: Pizzamania.
The second album of Freak Power which leaves in 1996, More Of Everything For Everybody is a failure. However, at the same time, Norman makes different tracks under different aliases (Fried Funk Food, Mighty Dub Katz….) but especially he adopts the pseudo Fatboy Slim. The meeting with Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and ED Simons) will be decisive, indeed, they encourage him to launch out in a Big Beat career.


Better Living Through Chemistry

Registered in the house of Norman, “The house Of Love” such as he likes to call it, the first album of Fatboy Slim, Better Living Through Chemistry leaves in 1996. It’s edited under the label Skint Records, a new label founded by Damien Harris.
This album defines the bases of Big Beat: a mixture of Hip hop, R’n B and Dance. With samples funky-groove, the album marks a departure on the hats of wheels: it cases in the underground medium of Brigthon then in the English charts.

In addition with this, Norman cumulates the individual ones and the remixes: Pierre Henry, Madonna, U2, Underworld, Fluke, Wildchild, Beastie Servant boys and under old pseudos (Mighty Dub Katz and its title Magic Carpet Ride).
A few months later, the single Rockafeller Skank breaks on planet. (Hollywood, advertising and TV).
At the beginning of the year 1998, the remix of Cornershop, Brimful of Asha which spends several weeks at the head of the Brit charts.

You’ ve Come A Long Way, Baby

At the end of 1998, Fatboy Slim still strikes and returns to us with You’ve come along way, baby. This second album is the personification of Fatboy Slim. More than one simple collection of dynamited disco music, it is a real unit. The twelve tracks find their place on the dancefloor. With this album, Norman definitively placed Big Beat on the world musical chart.
This album is an integral success, the individual ones follow one another, the rewards also (4 nominations with the MTV Video Award for the clip of Praise You). The Rockafeller Skank is in video game “FIFA International soccer 99 ‘”!

Fatboy Slim is no longer unemployed: all the world calls upon his services. To be mixed by Fatboy slim becomes a privilege and an honor. It became impossible to circumvent FBS (TV, Movies, and Publicities). 1999 is thus year ostentation for Norman, more especially as he gets married on August 22 to Zoe Ball, celebrates presenter of English TV.

It should be noted that this same year, the album live On the Floor At The Boutique and the mix Essential Selection vol. 1 leaves.

Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

It will then be necessary to have patience for 2 years to see the birth of the third album of Fatboy Slim. With Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars, Norman Cook returns to the roots of the music: the funk, the soul and the house. He explores new tracks while collaborating with a series of artists who are Macy Gray (Love Life and Demons) and does not hesitate to unearth one of the large icons of the rock’n’roll, Jim Morisson, to deliver us an hypnotic Sunset (Bird of Prey).

2000: It is also the birth of his first child: Woody.

At the 18th ceremony of the Video MTV Music Awards 2001, Fatboy Slim gains 6 prices with his clip Weapon Of Choice. In this clip, signed by Spike Jonze, the actor Christopher Walken launches out in a choreography unchained and flies around in a large hotel hall.

A Break From The Norm

In 2001, Norman gathers on a compilation some master originals which have enabled to him to create its success: an intelligent manner to make reflect on the notion of the sampling and to rediscover forgotten titles.

Live on Brigthon Beach

2001 is also the beginning of Big Beach Boutique. Thus, in July 6, 35000 people gather for a gigantic concert on the beach of Brighton. On program : remixes of Basement Jaxx, Kid Creme, Santos, Raven Maize, Roland Clark and three tracks of his two preceding albums: Right Here Right Now, Star 69 and Sunset (Bird Of Prey)…

Big Beach Boutique II

The next year, July 13, Norman repeats another big beach party at the same place. This is not 60000 awaited people but 250000 people who unload on to the beach! It’s twice as much as for Glastonbury Festival! It is then a monstrous live set which also gives place him to an album as well a DVD…

2003 is marked by different mix: Sympathy for the devil of Rolling Stones, Eple of royksopp…

In 2004, Another festival Big Beach is profiled: It’s Rio, in March 2004 which makes it possible Fatboy to beat its record of audience (an impressive crowd of 360,000 Brazilian).

The diary of the DJ Fatboy was never also full…


October 2004, the last album of Fatboy Slim leaves and it is once again the surprise. After one period during which the least of its gestures, happy or unhappy, appear on British tabloids, his new album, Palookaville, is certainly his most personal album… of which he is very proud of. It has like always a single style and decorates participation of Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), of the bass player removed from Boosty Collins and DJ, remixer and producer English Justin Robertson…


26 June 2005, Norman reveal us a new technology at Glastonbury Festival: the palookavision. A gigantic wall of screen where videos are projeted. In add, spectators received glasses which make it possible to see smileys per thousands at the rhythm of flashes and lights.


16 & 17 December 2005, two unforgetable evenings for fans present at Carling Brixton Academy Of London (A total of 5000 spectators) . With the program: palookavision, balloons , dancers and environment of madness.

Why Try Harder

The Greatest Hits is out in june 2006. Its underlines the incredible decade of Fatboy Slim and gathers all his hits. The obeyse boy (from You’ve Come A Long Way Album) appear under an angel and become a sort of icon.

Portrush Beach Party, Rockness Festival…

But June 2006 is the beginning of summer’s festivals too. The Portrush Beach Party (Ireland) and Rockness Festival (Scotland) gathers nearly 30000 fans each one.
Fatboy Slim is present at the Summercase Festival of Spain.
His show is now very well regulate: same tracklist (no many changes except 1 or 2 tracks), videos, madness , lights.. Some fans deplores this fact. Anyway “Why Try Harder” when we are Fatboy Slim ?
A special show is made for BBC Electric Proms in October 2006.

Big Beach Boutique III

On 1 January 2007, Norm play to an audience of over 20,000 fans along Brighton’s seafront (along Madeira Drive along the beach east of Brighton Pier). Tickets to the event were made available only to Brighton residents. The history retain that he received some electric shocks due to the weather…

Put Your Hands Up For Brazil !

In february, he made a Big Brazil Tour (a special brazilian DVD documentary, the incredibles adventures of Fatboy slim in Brazil, of this event will be out in December ’07).
Just note an apparence of Norm in big brother brazil show this same month.
Always in february, Fatboy Slim made a virtual live show in “Second Life”.

Festivals and gigs

In march 2007, he is at Ultra Music Festival, Miami (USA).
In may 2007, he receive an Ivor Novello Award for his contribution to British music
In june 2007, at the Glastonbury festival, he made a surprise DJ set in Lost Vagueness and wear a fantastic bumble bee costume (he he).
September 2007: he is on BBC Radio 1 for the Radio 1 Legends show.
In october 2007, he made a secret Oxjam charity gig in London..
In november 2007, a new track of the ’08 fbs album is featured in one episode of Heroes on NBC TV (USA).
In december, it’s now official, a new FBS album will be out in may 2008…
During 2007, he remixes some tunes as Run DMC – Peter Piper, Les Adams feat. Alexi – Twist In My Sobriety, The Young Punx – You’ve got to…

Fatboy Slim really loves Brazil

January & february 2008 are reserved for a brazil tour again…
May 2008 will be the out of the new FBS album so we can expect a big return of the Norm..

New album and gigs

In add, lot of big events are planned for this next months: Coachella (USA), Glastonbury (UK) , Rockness (Scotland) , O2 Wireless Festival (London, UK) and Big Beach Boutique IV (Brighton, UK) ….





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