My site is dedicated to the famous english Dj Norman Cook.

It’s the result of few years of collecting albums, reading and exhange with International fans.

Hope you’ll like it …

–Francisnotdead aka François, from France.


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  1. Hey normancook.info fatboyslim.org

    I could use your help. I covered last night’s Terminal 5 show but am having a hell of a time finding past Fatboy tour dates. The last time he was in the states was for Coachella, right? And the last time he was in NY was in 2004 for Polookaville, right?

    I’d appreciate any help, there aren’t many sites with past tour information for him.


  2. hi alex, in my opinion, you’re right.

    When i search in the notebook (and my archive) the last gig in states was coachella the 25 april 2008
    http://fatboyslim.org/home/2008/05/03/fatboy-slim-live-coachella-festival-2008-usa-25-april-2008-part-2/ LINK DEAD on 2015

    and new york the 13th november 2004
    http://fatboyslim.org/home/2006/07/01/fatboy-slim-live-drive-in-studios-new-york-usa/ LINK DEAD on 2015

    Maybe wait a little, hope american fans could confirm and help you more than me.

    Francinotdead aka François from France.

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