Skint [UK]
ref: B01J5QAO82

Side A
1. Song for Lindy
2. 10th and Crenshaw
3. Give The Po’Man A Break

Side B
1. Going Out of My Head
2. Everybody Needs A 303
3. First Down

Side C
1. The Weekend Starts Here
2. The Sound of Milwaukee

Side D
1. Santa Cruz (Extended)
2. Punk to Funk
3. Crenshaw Siren Beats

yellow vinyl 2xLP


Skint [UK]
ref: B01JNI9A8M

CD 1
01 Song for Lindy
02 Santa Cruz (Extended)
03 Going Out of My Head
04 The Weekend Starts Here
05 Everybody Needs A 303
06 Give The Po’Man A Break
07 10th and Crenshaw
08 First Down
09 Punk to Funk
10 The Sound of Milwaukee

CD 2
01 Michael Jackson
02 Next to Nothing
03 Everybody Loves a Carnival
04 Es Paradis
05 First Down the Disco
06 Sunset 303
07 Neal Cassady Starts Here
08 It’s a Dream
09 Knuf of Knup
10 Big Beat Souffle
11 Everybody Loves a Filter
12 Weekend Bonus Beats
13 Crenshaw Siren Beats

This new two-CD deluxe edition offers a whole disc of bonus tracks including “recordings* from the Fatboy vaults that have never been released before”, the two bonus tracks (Michael Jackson and Next To Nothing) included on the original US release and Japanese extra track Es Paradis. Sleeve notes come courtesy of Skint label founder Damian Harris.

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