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    In reply to your earlier message:

    Sound7 – Unknown (I’m looking for this one too)
    Sound6 – Unknown (If you find the original it shouldn’t be too hard)
    Sound4 – Unknown
    Sound3 – Unknown (Try ‘Kosovo – Milk Of Magnesia’ though)
    Sound8 – Unknown
    Sound2 – Unknown (Email Krafty Kuts though, it’s very ‘him’)
    #13 – Pretty sure its a ‘Basement Jaxx Vs…’ Mash Up 12″
    #12 – Unknown
    Sound1 – Email Aphrodite, he’s my D’n’B Hook-Up
    #11 – Unknown
    #14 – That Kid Chris – Feel Tha Vibe (The Only Mix) (I’ve got this is you need)
    #10 – Unknown (Buuuuuuuuuuuut CHHHHOOOOOOON!!!)

    Sorry I can’t be any more help mate,

    You’ve got some GREAT tune taste though!!