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    Hi Rory,

    Thanks for having a go at them…

    I know the first is a white label, I have it on good authority (Lee ‘Cut’ La Roc) that its a plain white label with a ‘3’ printed on it…it’s definately not a Fatboy Slim remix like on the ‘Little Bit Of This’ LP which, and this is a little bit of tat for you, is made up of samples of Norm’s 1997 ‘Noisy Hour’ show on Kiss FM and other random tracks that have nothing to do with Norm whatsoever. I’ve looked into the LP already…and sold it on! :grin:

    Unknown (1) isn’t ‘Song 3’ by the Flatback 4…well, thats not strictly true, the second half – after the Beavis & Butthead ‘Kick It’ sample is but I’m after the first bit, my bad, I should’ve re-edited the MP3 before posting :blush:

    Unknown (5) actually sampled ‘Song For Shelter’ – or used the same sample but was made AFTER the ‘Halfway’ LP, again Lee La Roc tells me it’s on Southern Fried but never got an official release, Norman gave him a copy personally.

    Unknown (7) is one I believe is the genuine ‘Der Funk’ by Princess Diana but I can’t find a copy anywhere…I don’t think thats the official title or perhaps that information isn’t printed on the record as it’s nowhere on the database sites I use…the search goes on!

    Unknown (17) could well be Marlon Sea, I will check it out for 100% certain but thanks – in advance – for getting one off the list!

    PLEASE can everyone else get in on the action!