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    @Francisnotdead wrote:

    That’s what i think too… I imagine the frustration if the link goes to be@tv lol WTF ??? !!! lol
    I prefered a true DVD.. I’m really oldskool fan :grandpa:

    Anyway thanks for sharing /recorder /playlister as usual :)

    To conclude, a (nearly) full set..

    Note: the registration give us nothing more (maybe i didn’t understand :glare: )

    I completely agree Francis, I like it old skool too. I asked the guy selling them to people. How can you sell the set when it hasn’t even been done yet ?. Then he told me what you get etc:. Also the small amount of t-shirts (like the ones on the site) they were selling, are very over priced.

    As for ‘be at tv’. If you are registered, make sure you are logged in. Also maybe using something like internet explorer to view on. Pick part 1 or 2, if you put your mouse over the top left screen, it will give you options. Above those options, a Realplayer download link appears. This does not happen with the other screens. Click, and download. I’m going to do it now, will let you know how it goes.