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    Hi zgutik,

    As I posted above, I’ve got the vinyl on sale (as part of a Pharma Records Compilation LP – all tunes are similar in style to ‘KUNG’) from my Discogs store…Hopefully you’re still a vinyl buyer!

    But, I also have it ripped to High Quality MP3 if you’d care to swap for any of the following:

    (Aka Charlie Fan club) Digital Blonde – ‘Dirty Blonde’
    ‘Cold Steel’ – ‘Real Rap Superstar’
    ‘Princess Diana – Der Funk’
    DJ Disciple Vs Duran Duran – ‘Please Please Tell Me’ (Big Beat Remix)
    Kissy Sellout – ‘Harriet’
    Sem Jones – The Remixes Volume 1 (Mixtape)
    The Wideboys – Project Bassline

    The same goes for anyone else, if you’ve got any of these I’ll gladly swap stuff for them… High Quality MP3’s though, not set rips please…