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    Hi woka,

    Well you probaly fight me, i would like to rip @ 320 my fbs vinyls but i don’t find the cable of my turntable to connect to my pc.. i think i took it in my “other” house during my moving house :banghead: :suicide: .. I think you should wait the next week, it’s made me crazy! My backup rip are only @ 128kpbs… :doh: , not really quality.
    So the next week i’ll post, but maybe someone other will made them already before lol

    So i took in my todolist:

    fatboy slim – song for shelter
    A Song For Shelter (Chemical Brothers Mix)
    B1 Ya Mama
    B2 Song For Shelter (Accapella)
    C Song For Shelter
    D Song For Shelter (20/20 Vision Rollin’ Mix)

    Fatboy Slim – Talkin’ Bout My Baby / Drop The Hate
    A1 Talkin’ Bout My Baby (Midfield Generals Disco Reshuffle)
    B1 Drop The Hate (Remixed By Rev. H. Lidbo And The Progressive Baptist Choir Of Stockholm)

    PS: Agree with Darko, for the freeloader: they will have a surprise in september, the club will be restricted ;) and all member who never participate in community will be fired.. maybe it will be worst for the normancook.info developpement but i don’t care, it’s a big surprise that this site is still alive! he he …

    PS2: Thanks again to dcdj for scanty quality rip :hello: