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    Trying to revive this topic to make a little investigation about this remix.

    The track posted by FND, marked as ‘Fatboy Slim Remix’ is definitely remix by Shagsonic, as mudfoot said.
    The remix was officially released on cd http://www.discogs.com/INXS-Elegantly-Wasted/release/629852
    and vinyl http://www.discogs.com/INXS-Elegantly-Wasted/release/164427

    INXS – Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic Remix) – 320kbps version

    While listening to it you can think that it very familiar with these sound that mr Norman Cook did about that time (1997). Same beats, same samples etc. Anyway, this is remix by Shagsonic.
    But who is the Shagsonic ? Let’s see his discogs page http://www.discogs.com/artist/Shagsonic
    All we can see is only 4 tracks remixed by him:

    Alisha’s Attic – Indestructible (Shagsonic Remix)
    Alisha’s Attic – Intense (Shagsonic Remix)
    Alisha’s Attic – White Room (Shagsonic Remix)
    INXS – Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic Remix)
    No real name, no aliases of artist. Nothing.

    Then, let’s see vinyl release of INXS – Elegantly Wasted http://www.discogs.com/INXS-Elegantly-Wasted/release/164427
    There are 3 versions of mix by Shagsonic:

    A 		Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic Dub) 	8:25
    B1 Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic Remix) 7:56
    B2 Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic Bonus Beats) 4:43

    Wait a minute! ‘Bonus Beats’ ? I’ve seen it somewhere already.
    Maybe at these tracks mixed by Norman Cook ?

    Roe – Soledad (Norman Cook Bonus Beats)
    Fidelfatti And Ronnette – Just Wanna Touch Me (Bonus Beats)
    Ruthless Rap Assassins – Just Mellow (Bonus Beats)
    Wildski – Wonderful World (Bonus Beats)
    Keith Sweat – Make You Sweat (Bonus Beats)
    Norman Cook – Blame It On The Bonus Beats
    Kym Mazelle – Useless (Revenge Bonus Beats)
    Beats International - Won't Talk About It (Bonus Beats)
    Real Sounds Of Africa - Na Alla Violenza (Bonus International Beats)
    Vanessa Williams – The Right Stuff (Bonus Beats)
    Real Roxanne – Roxanne's On A Roll (Bonus Beats)
    Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Disciples – The Verdict (Bonus Beats)
    David Grant Featuring Original Double Trouble – Life (Bonus Beats)
    Jess And Crabbe – The Big Booya (Bonus Beats)
    Fatboy Slim - Weekend Bonus Beats
    Stretch & Vern – Get Up! Go Insane! (Bonus Acid Beat)
    Duke - So In Love With You (Bonus Beats)

    Definitely Norman Cook’s style of mixes naming.

    Norman Cook ?

    What do you think ? =)