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    Note: I just want to share with you a 179mo .mov video [HQ Video] = 20 minutes of FBS live @ V festival 2009 hosted in angloserver.com server (the web promoter of fbs myspace…) (its the video i posted in my facebook few days ago)

    the link is http://www.angloserver.com/fbs/VclipPart1.mov just right click and save
    the VcliPart1.mov the video was uploaded in march 2010 , hope there wil be more extract in the adress http://www.angloserver.com/fbs but shutttt lol ;)

    For Vambo, fan of cagedbaby too (if i remenber well) take a look on http://www.angloserver.com/

    go faster before angloserver install their new website hé hé

    Have a good week..