Fatboy Slim – Live @ Drive-in Studios, New York, USA (2004)

Date: 11/13/2004
Source: Live!
Size: 139,69 Mo
Duration: 02H 02min 08s
Quality: 160 Kbps
Format: mp3
Released by ?
Francisnotdead’s Note: i joined/increase the volume of the original 2 part set encoded @ 320kbps / the variations of sound are from original source = live bootleg.



  1. hi there this is just a small query as i downloaded the fatboy slim set from rockness a small while ago and it was less quality had all the adverts in it and only lasted 1hour 57 mins this was off of the forum which seems to have gone. but i came on to see if the tracklisting had changed and i noticed a new version that was 2 hours 17 mins longer but it only seems to have the extra bit at the start and obviously it has no adverts. i was just wondering why it was 20 mins longer. thanks

  2. OFF TOPIC? . Hi Michael, well, you probably wanted to post on rockness topic.. the 20 mins longer is a total mystery for me.. I prefer to stop search.. the 2H17min is better that’s all lol.. maybe the commentator or XFM london talked / edited alot on the first sets.. that’s all.. Isee no other explanation ;) .

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