Fatboy Slim – Exclusive Live DJ Set, Fun Radio, France

Fatboy Slim – Exclusive Live DJ Set @ Fun Radio, France

Date of the broadcast: 28 11 1998
Source: Fun Radio, France
Size: 53,9 Mo
Duration: 00H 43min 35s
Quality: 128 Kbps / Ripped from Tape: its explain the sound quality ;)
Format: mp3
Released by Ben_J


Special Thanks to Ben_J !


  1. Tracklisting…

    • ‘Roger Sanchez’ – ‘International Intro’ (White Label)
    • Fatboy Slim – Gangsta Tripping
    • Beastie Boys – Body Movin (Fatboy Slim Remix)
    • Fatboy Slim – You’re Not From Brighton
    • The Mohawks – The Champ
    • Air – Kelly Watch The Stars (Moog Mix?)
    • An Der Beat – KNUF!
    • Fatboy Slim – Sho Nuff
    • Hardwire – Conskank
    • The Wiseguys – Start The Commotion
    • Grand Larceny – No Time For Playin (Random Fact – Grand Larceny is also Scanty Sandwich)
    • Loop Da Loop – Hazel

    This mix is a taping of an old Essential Mix, I’d steer clear of this and download the whole Radio 1 Essential Mix as it’s full length and is better sound quality…


  2. For those who are interested , i found the date of broadcast of this french set: 28 November 1998. An other version (in better quality (no distorstion) & more longer 01H08min59s ;) ) is catchable in the board 8-)

    As said Darko, it’s a Re-broadcast of the essential mix from BBC Radio 1

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