Collectors Box

In november 2005, Simon Thornton posted in his blog this pic:


We were alot to search after what could contains this box.

It’s only today that we know the contenance of this box:

This Unique collectors Item was released by Universal to celebrate the greatness of Norman Cook. The Fatboy Slim Box contains a limited T-Shirt (Smiley Face), The legendary Glastonbury “Palookavision” glasses and a CD compilation.

Tracklist of the CD:
01 Praise You
02 Wonderful Night
03 Weapon Of Choice
04 Because We Can
05 Build It Up, Tear It Down
06 Santa Cruz
07 Song For Chesh
08 First Down
09 Mad Flava
10 Punk To Funk
11 Right Here, Right Now

box03 box02 box01
Big thanks to woka77 , the lucky winner of this rare ebay’s auction ;)

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