Southern Fried will reach it's 100th release on November 6th with the release of Mighty Dub Katz's 'Guaguanco'. To further mark this landmark, we're going to release a 2xCD mix album featuring SFR tracks old, new and exclusive. Disc 1 will be mixed by Norman Cook under his Mighty Dub Katz guise, CD2 will be mixed by Cagedbaby (under his Cagedbaby guise!) It'll be hitting the shops early next year.

In short, we want you to do our work for us and come up with a name for the aformentioned mix album…
If you win and we use your idea… in return, you'll get…
1. A copy of the album, signed by Norm and Tom Cagedbaby
2. Your name credited in the album notes
3. A massive bundle of Southern Fried CDs, records and collectable items.

Feel free to leave your ideas here as a comment or message them direct to us.


source: Southern Fried Records's MySpace

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