1. well i will see you lot around about glastonbury time and then when the fifth album is out ;-( i hate good bye’s

  2. @ Filter: agree with you.. somes extracts can’t be translated by my french ears :-/ .

    @ woka77: desesperate FBS Fan? 

    Personnally, i have to admit to had a “bad trip” after this last Big Beat Boutique III…
    I don’t find the crazy wave that i found after glasto 2005 or brixton 2005.. I don’t see how to keep this little FBS club alive. It’s hard to made original blog when we have no really news and i start to understand that made a wiki is an…utopia. You know what? I’m in depress ;-( LOL

  3. im like fran its hard sometimes to find knew info on fbs, his skint label web site is rubbish & so is southern fried site they both never reply to emails and never any new info. so i wonder at times whats the point then it comes back to me his music. i think this year will be hard but i reakon that he will do alot of session on radio pre recorded stuff just to keep us alive

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