Fatboy Slim – Live @ Amnesia & Space, Ibiza, Spain (6 Aug 2000)

Date: August 6th 2000
Duration: 00H59min49s
Source: BBC Radio 1
Format: .mp3
Quality: 192 Kpbs
Releaser: ?

01 The Wiseguys – Cowboy 78
02 Loop da Loop – Round and Round
03 Loop Factory #1 – The Scratch
04 Eminem? – My Name is Start
05 Scanty Sandwitch – Day And Night
06 Sir Drew – Shake It
07 Prophets of Sound – Shake Yer Rope
08 Black And White Brothers – Put Your Hands Up (Acapella)
09 Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliot – She’s A Bitch (Dangerous remix)
10 Black Legend – You See The Trouble With Me
11 Mekon – What’s Going On? (Junior Cartier remix)
12 Scanty Sandwich – Because of You (? mix)
13 ? – Mr Natural Rides Again
14 The Orignal – Get Off The Floor
15 Robbie Riviera – Bang
16 Underworld – Cowgirl (Future Shock Mix)
17 Prince – Cream

Special upload for Mike ;)


  1. i’m wondering why on tracklist is last track prince – cream(he played after this Vera Lynn-We’ll Meet Again also) .set is ending on Underworld – Cowgirl (Future Shock Mix).as far as i know thats the only version avaieble on net – correct me if i’m wrong

  2. You are true borcuczy: i simply made a mistake when i uploade the set :-/ !!!
    i uploaded the short version Grrr.. I try to repair my mistake in few hours with uploading the full set (containing the seb fontaine mix in add ;) ). Sorry mate :(

    It’s maybe time to made a break.. i posted too much this days, i have to maintain quality right now LOL

  3. Hey Franc,

    Any chance you could Re-Up this set? I just want to double check the ‘She’s A Bitch’ track and see if it is the record I found the other day…

    Thanks pal, no rush…



  4. Thanks Francois,

    That Missy Elliot track is definately, 100% correctly:

    Volume 4 – The Big Choke EP (Clued04)

    I found a copy the other day by complete random coincidence…

    I’m pretty sure I’ll know what the ‘Mr Natural Rides Again’ track would be as well but I need to hear it ;-)

    Also, while I’m here, is anyone else having trouble signing in to the Fatboy Forum? AND has anyone had any luck tracking down any audio from Glastonbury this year?? I resorted to grovelling emails to Radio Vagueness etc but got no replies…


  5. Hi darko,
    Thanks for the precisions :) .
    About the Official FBS forum: i can’t login too. Don’t know if it the same thing for the others. Personnaly, it’s been a long time that i let a message in it. No news from Procreative / Skint. I stopped to email them about the forum ’cause they don’t answer. Hope they try to fix the problem but i doubt. The forum is probably out of order (the database was so corupted!).
    About a glasto ’07 set: i found nothing :( . I only found a future broadcast on "128kradio" but it probably a "re-broadcast" this 18 august 2007.
    ( -> http://www.myspace.com/128kradioshow )

  6. 03 Loop Factory #1 – The Scratch

    Who know the name of original of this song ???

    Plzzz !!! Need it very much !!!

  7. 8 years ive been looking for this. i thought id never hear this again….you know time,place.memories ect i dont know who uploaded this but you truly are a friend! thank you.!

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