Why Try Harder [DOUBLE VINYL]

It took me time to find it… but finally ..

1. Praise You – Adrock & Mike D Dub Remix
2. Everybody Needs A 303 – Plump DJs Remix
3. Don’t Let The Man Get You Down – Justice Remix
4. Right Here Right Now – Redanka 66 Vocal Mix
5. Mi Bebe Masoquista – X-Press 2 Remix
6. Song For Shelter – Chemical Bros Remix
7. Retox – Dave Clark Remix
8. Rockafellaer Skank – Mulder’s Urban Shakedown Mix
9. Star 69 – Timo Mass Remix


  1. Salut fqboy, unfortunately i’m not DJ but i like collect and play them :)
    It’s totally different to listen music from vinyl: pleasure of scratch , touch, smell (yeah i’m crazy, i told you that already :-P )
    I think that DJs who use vinyls have the same feelings and can confirm that.

    I manage to be DJ in my next life LOL

  2. Hey

    Yeah i know this feeling, i had turntables and i regret them.

    Not crazy, you’re just fan :-)

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