1. Those were the days… 8-)
    Thx for bringing that funky tune(s) back to my mind
    and for all the nice recent vids! :-)

  2. Double Trouble:
    Founded as an one time project for the remix of “I Know You Got Soul” by Eric B & Rakim. It was Norman Cooks first released work after the end of the Housemartins. The record company Chrysalis did call Norman to do the remix without having permission from the artist. The track wasn’t owned by them, so they didn’t even have the master. So Norman just took the acapella from the b-side and put a groove under it, lifted from The Jacksons’ “ABC”. The remix was engineered by Danny D who was the A&R man at Chrysalis’ dance offshot Cooltempo at the time. The single went to number five in the British charts and because of the unexpected sucess, Norman and Danny went on to remix a few other tracks like “Do This My Way” by Kid’n’Play.

    source: discogs.com

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