Another Fine Ness

Edited By Mickey Mcmonagle

FATBOY SLIM yesterday revealed his plans to storm back to Rock Ness next year.

The dance music legend – real name Norman Cook – topped the bill at the first event last year. But he was gutted at not being asked back to the second Highland festival this summer.

He said: “I was a little miffed I was not invited to do the second Rock Ness. “I figured it was my idea so I thought I had claimed Loch Ness in the way I claimed Brighton Beach but apparently not.

“I was very disappointed. I apologise to everyone who thought I would play but there is a strong likelihood I will be back next year. I will make sure of it.

“I was gutted to miss it, especially with mates like Tom and Ed Chemical playing.

“I want to tell Email’s readers it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be there – I fought quite hard to be there and was talked out of it.” Cook reckons the gratitude of Scots dance fans made the first Rock Ness an event with a special place in his heart.

He said: “It was perfect. I came away with such a feeling of warmth from the locals.”

The DJ releases his Greatest Hits Remixed album next Monday – and revealed his next artist album is well under way.

He reckons he has either invented a new form of dance music or made something completely nonsensical. He said: “I’ve been in the studio all summer and I am about two thirds of the way through my new album – but here is where I become very cagey.

“It is radically different from the old Fatboy formula. I did the greatest hits thing to buy myself two years to come up with something new.

“I was looking at dance music and thinking everything had been done again and again.

“This is my fifth album and I was wary of repeating myself. I want something new because dance music is treading water now. I can’t even say if it is a dance music record. I can’t wait to find out what people say to that.

“It doesn’t sound like anything in clubs now. It’s not so much pushing boundaries as pushing people’s sense of humour and their perceptions of what dance is.

“There are some collaborations on there with people you will know but I can’t say too much.

“I promise when the time is right I will reveal all to Email.”

And while fans may rush out to buy the new Greatest Hits Remixed album, Norman admits he had little to do with the record.

He said: “It’s shameless repackaging. On the Hits album I took time and effort tomake it a good legitimate thing but this one is what it says on the tin.

“It’s a bunch of remixes of the hits by other people, which have only been available to DJs before. It’s for fans.

“A lot of people will want it but in terms of me and creativity I am doing other things. I did the sleeve notes but they turned down my original version – it said, ‘same old s*** repackaged’.”



  1. hola
    well i think fatboy slim will be doing alot of gigs & festivals next year with his new album out to promote

    cant wait to download the bbc set and help with the tracklist

    rave safe

  2. I think its fantastic news that Norman’s planning to storm back to Rock Ness next year and hopefully to Portrush’s Eaststrand once again :-)

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