Brazilian Tour 2008

18.01.2008 – Castelao, Fortaleza (Festival Vero Vida & Arte)
19.01.2008 – Tropical, Manaus
20.01.2008 – Cidade Folia, Belam
23.01.2008 – Club Pacha, Sao Paulo
25.01.2008 – Master Hall, Uberlandia
26.01.2008 – Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro
02.02.2008 – El Divino, Florianapolis
03.02.2008 – Sirena, Maresias
05.02.2008 – Float Trio Eletrico Skol, Salvador


  1. Lucky brazilians. :)

    Say, Francis, do you by any chance have one of Norman’s Mash-Ups called " Dave and Ansell Collins vs Public Enemy: Bring the Elephant Trot (Mash Up)"? He played in his BBC Legends show, and in an Annie Mac minimix, as well as some live shows. It’s a brilliant reggae/rap mashup. Any help appreciated. (BTW, I know this is off topic in this comment :))

  2. ;-( wow! oh, no.
    I was sure you’d come to Brasil this year, again… But you’re not coming to Brasilia!!! It’s a pity I don’t have $$ to travel and get insane in your concert.
    You’re going to know incredible places in Brasil, though. Enjoy it.
    I’d like to go to Florianopolis! It’s beautiful.

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