m8 Magazine – Fatboy Slim interview [SCOTLAND] (8 Jan 2008)

jan_magHe headlines, rams and rocks the biggest festivals and beach parties throughout the world, has a spectrum of truly anthemic dance music productions under his belt, a celebrity partner and an outstanding good attitude for the scene – Fatboy Slim – arguably the biggest superstar DJ that planet earth has to offer!

"I've done it by always sticking to the principles of why we (DJs) do what we do; it should always be about the party! I don't play the media hype game – such as going to China Whites and movie premiers, i go to clubs instead! I think that one of the reasons that DJ's such as Carl Cox and i have been more successful than most, is that we haven't got bogged down in technology, giving us more time to interact with the crowd. Carl Cox and i have done weddings; I've even done a funeral! For me, the whole point of DJing is running the party and making sure that people party!"

source: m8magazine.com

Thanks to ACIDFUNK ;)

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