Channel 4 – Fatboy Slim Night (2001)

3 Hours video…from old VHS. (Note: the part 1 have some crashes… :( but the rip probably saved the cassette of total destruction! :) )
Contains videos of Live @ Big Beach Boutique I , Interview, making of ya mama, demons , Live @ red rocks 1999 with Chems…

Special thanks to woka ;)


  1. Well for a download version, need to find a decent compression/format/size :-) … i’ll see that later.. for the moment i let ’em on flv format = 4 part of 100 Mo!
    I tried to "divx’ ’em but 500 Mo each part so …(i am s**t in video conversion & it took me more 7 hours to purpose them in streaming.) the best way will be to torrent them but i’m no expert & it’s not my priority. Hope you’re not angry about me. I took this way to share with more people / more faster / more easier and to don’t let it in a stupid forgotten box.


  2. fucking hell been waiting for this for ages!!!!! u legend saw my self in the video… haha…. 14 years old
    shame its not louder

  3. yeah the vhs was at his end of life! :-/
    Anyway , i was sure that this doc will interest some people.
    I’ll try to see how i can boost the sound / edit and made a cool divx but for the moment, i’m too lazy to waste time in videos tutorials / edition / restore… and the rip was made by a professionnal.. so it’s already a miracle by itself! ;)

  4. i think wmv9 is great, anyway, if you upload to speedshare or anything else (just don’t use rapidshare or megaupload please :D), just split 100mb parts and it’s done. ;)

    for video editing i prefer sony vegas pro 8, nothing better.
    (for audio and video in 1 file, too)

  5. Thanks SO much for uploading this. I remember FBS Night, and It’s great to see it again.

  6. lol

    Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been absent but WOW! Woka, FND, legends!! I lost my VHS of this night so I can’t wait to see the downloads appear!

    Good work lads

  7. I have this taped from the night it was shown back in the summer of 2001,what a night we all had watching it that night,plenty of drink and happiness that night for sure,and with the Fatboys set still fresh in our memory from Creamfields Ireland just a few weeks previous,We had a fookin blast that night.My tape is also really worn out,cos every night we’d get in from clubbimg/pilling it was always put on.

  8. Hehe, got this floating about on cassette too. I think the quality is better, but living on the floor in the corner for the past 7 years might have killed it.
    When I get a player back, i’ll have a looky. I think theres other FBS stuff on there too ;)

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