The BPA – Toe jam Feat. David Byrne & Dizee Rascal (2008)

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  1. what the fuck? this video is a disaster, its the worst video ever. what the fuck was that no no no no no no no :( :( :( :(

    what the fuck is going on with norman why nudity whats wrong with the weapon of choice video or yamama??

    this video is really very bad :( :( :( ;-( ;-( ;-( :evil: :evil: :evil: :-/

  2. I’ve never understood why always reduce norman carreer with one of his track. Let’s go to the future! Come on the BPA!

    I can’t wait the video parodies on youtube!

  3. clever concept ;-) Fun to watch… I vote for a dvd release with an alternative version without black bars… :-P

  4. to “a boy” “whats wrong with the weapon of choice video or yamama??” > Nothing is wong with them. They have just ALREADY been done… What’s wrong with people who want Norman to do the same thing over and over again?

  5. Video parodies LOL

    I look forward to a live-performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, like they did with Praise You (does anybody have footage of that?).

    I think I noticed only one small mistake in the video, when the dancers lay on the ground (on the carpet) and you get these line-patterns. At the end of that scene, the upper left girls still have two bars, although they cover it already with their hands.

  6. this is going to be a hard video to follow. good luck data records and minstry of sound. i think norman cook has push the boat out as far as it could go!!!

  7. I love the new song. Video is also cool, and Norman’s cameo is hilarious. Bring on the BPA album!

  8. brilliant…perfect first tune and vid for my new i touch…

    step away from the bar…tell your boyfriend hold your jar…come toe jam with me

  9. you had me at david byrne and dizee, and then this great video -how original.

    The collaborations of Boy Slim delivers YET AGAIN

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