DJing Is Backbreaking Work Says Fatboy Slim (August 2008)


Legendary British DJ and pioneer of the “big beat” movement Fatboy Slim is experiencing serious back pain as the result of “lugging heavy records round the world in a bag slung over his shoulder,” the Daily Mail reports. Slim, born Norman Cook, told a passenger on a recent flight that “All the long flights and all the gigging have taken their toll…I had almost forgotten the back problem, but it’s been worse than ever in recent weeks. It’s getting worst and worse and I can hardly bend down.” The paper even saw him arrive at the airport, seeking help from his wife Zoe as he was unable to load his own luggage.

Cook, who turns 45 this month, most recently released the Adventures in Brazil DVD and a best-of compilation last year. According to a video posted to the mess of HTML and Flash coding that is his Myspace page , he is “seven-eighths” finished his next album, which is rumoured to include an Iggy Pop collaboration.



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