You’ve Come A Long Way Baby: 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition [2CD] (2008)


Label: Skint
Format: 2xCD
Released: 22 September 2008

1. Right Here, Right Now
2. The Rockafeller Skank
3. F**King In Heaven
4. Gangster Tripping
5. Build It Up – Tear It Down
6. Kalifornia
7. Soul Surfing
8. You’re Not From Brighton
9. Praise You
10. Love Island
11. Acid 8000

CD2 – B-Sides & Rarities:
1. Cowboy
2. Radioactivity
3. Because We Can
4. Always Read The Label
5. Tweakers Delight
6. The World Went Down
7. Jack It Up (DJ Delite)
8. Don’t Forget Your Teeth
9. Praise You – Original Version
10. Lounge Island

More details:

Special thanks to Rory ;)


  1. I’m sorry but got say guys, so-so tracklisting for bonus stuff, and what is it with the latest batch of Fatboy Slim covers – ever so generic, although saying that, the Late Night Tales CD was rather good, with the seagull / seaside connection…

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